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Code Green Saturday 31st January

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2015-01-27

Hey everyone, hope you all have had a nice break but it's time for us all to get back into the action, and we're kicking it off with Code: Green this weekend on Saturday. Check-in will be starting at 5pm EST lasting for 30 minutes with games beginning around 6pm EST and casting starting around the same time on Tiermonster TV. For all rules make sure to go to the Information & Rules page and also if you don't know the details for the mumble you're required to be on you can find all of that our on our How To Play section of the website.

If you still have any questions feel free to ask them below in the comments and we'll happily reply as soon as we can. See you Saturday ^_^

First Blood - 5 v 5 Conquest Tournament

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2015-01-01

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great start to the new year, we certainly are!!

After running the tournaments last weekend Hirez approached us to help with this weekend's tournament which we are absolutely delighted to do. Not only that but they're making the prize pool $1,500 per day so there is a total of $3,000 up for grabs this weekend!!
This will be a standard 5 v 5 Conquest tournament, with Awilix being the only god auto-banned. The Challenger's Cup rule set will be followed apart from that the entire team is required to be under the same Clan tag, and Team Captains will be using TeamSpeak during checkin times listed below for each region. For more information on TeamSpeak, go to http://www.hirezstudios.com/esports/sign-up/teamspeak/ for all the details you need to know.

The prizing will be broken down like this:
1st place: $750
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $250
4th place: 800 gems
5-8th place: 400 gems

For North America servers, the check-in will be from 10.30am EST to 11.45am EST, with the actual tournament starting at Noon EST.

For European servers, the check-in will be from 1.30pm CET to 2.45pm CET, with the actual tournament starting at 3pm CET. 

Again, thanks to Hirez for sponsoring this tournament, can't wait to see you all this weekend, don't forget to follow SmiteproTiermonster on twitter for more tournaments, and check http://www.twitch.tv/smitegame for the broadcast of both of these tournaments

Code Green on Smitegame 27th and 28th December

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2014-12-26

Hello everyone, sorry for the late notice, we've all been incredibly hectic over at Tiermonster because of the holiday season, meaning we've not had time to write this article as of yet. Hope you all had a good holiday.

Simplest thing - we're running a Code: Green tournament THIS weekend, a North American server based one on Saturday, European server based one on Sunday. The NA tournament will have check-in open from Noon EST tomorrow. This will be open for 30 minutes so make sure to keep an eye on the page, you must have an account on Tiermonster to sign up, so make sure to sign up, log in and then head over to our Check-in page.EU tournament will open at 9am EST(2pm GMT, 3pm CET) and follows the same 30 minute check-in. 

Prizes are different, thanks to Hirez sponsoring us. We're giving away a Holiday chest from 1st-8th place per person & a Forehead icon. We're also giving 2000 gems for 1st place, 1,200 for 2nd, 800 for 3rd, 400 for 4-8th place. Make sure if you finish quarterfinals & up (top 8 teams) do not leave before we know that you're done and make sure we can give you your prize, otherwise you'll be immediately forefitting it.

Once check-in closes, make sure to look at the Participants list as we will only be taking in 192 players, 32 teams & 32 subs. Mods will inform people on the Mumble Participants is open.Speaking of the mumble, the details can be found on our How to Play section of the website. If you're not on the mumble you won't be counted as being in the tournament, so make sure you have it already downloaded and set up, the How to Play section gives you a link to download. Make sure to listen to the moderators in the mumble, you can see them as they have a TM infront of the their name. We will be sorting you into teams and getting games going, so please do not start a game without a moderator's permission. Make sure to read up on the Rules of the tournament, mods will make sure to recite the most important to you before the start of the tournament, 

The games will be casted over on Smitegame with content starting about 1pm EST on Saturday with casting by Mtarget and S0za & 10am EST Sunday with casting by LibertyJorj and Kretutuh.

See you all tomorrow o/
Tiermonster Team

Code Green Saturday with checkin at 5pm EST

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2014-12-11

Hello everyone!!

Now as we're heading to the end of the year this is going to be the last Code: Green of the year *insert moment of crying for everyone*. Thanks to all who turned up this year to any of our tournaments. They've all been great fun to run and we'll be sure to keep on running tournaments for as long as we can. 

For Saturday, it'll be our standard Single Sign-up Code Green League event, of which all the details can be found on our Info & Rules or our How to Play! pages. Make sure to read up on them both to join up on Saturday. Check-in will be open at 5pm EST, with it closing after 30 minutes. Make sure you're on the mumble server if you signed up after that (info is in the How to Play! page). If we have an oversubscription, please check our Participants page to see if you're in. We'll be choosing people randomly. Prizes are the standard 800,400 & 200 gems for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place respectively, along with a Smitepro icon for all of these teams & a Ward skin for each person in 1st place.

We should also be streaming & casting the event over on Tiermonster TV, so make sure to check that out and come and join in on the fun this weekend!!

Tiermonster Team

Tiermonster's Eye of the Storm 5 v 5 and Solo sign

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2014-11-30

Hello everyone!!
So as you may have noticed we didn't run a tournament yesterday, and that was due to it only recently being Thanksgiving. We hope you all had a great time and got back safely, now onto the juicy bits.

We don't have many tournaments left this year so this'll be quick. On December the 13th we will be running our final Code: Green SSL tournament for this year at the standard time. However the tournament on the 6th is going to be a lot more fun.
After it's insane popularity last time round, we'll be running our Eye of the Storm tournament again where you can sign up on your own OR as part of a 5man team. To sign up please go to the Solo sign-up link or the Solo Captain or 5-man sign-up link. As descripted, you will have to sign up seperately if you wish to be a captain of a solo team. The system is a little more improved and I'd love the captain's feedback on how it does.
You have until 5pm EST on Saturday 6th December to sign-up and we will only take the first 32 teams that sign-up, which includes solo captains. You will be on hold if other teams don't show up so please keep an eye out. I will also send an email to all of those who did not get put on the team to become a substitute for the day, meaning you will still have the chance to play. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask below and I will try to answer them for you. Thank you very much for an awesome year and hope to see you all Saturday.
Lordwhizzkid & The Tiermonster Team

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