Valhalla - Competitive Damage
Elysium - Competitive Support
Arcadia - Normal Conquest
Paradise - Arena, Assault

Getting Support here at Tiermonster

Post By Oponn on 2014-07-09

Hello all!  With our new influx of users we decided it was about time to put in place a better support option for you guys if you run into a problem here on the site.  That being said there is now a link at the top of the site you can click that will e-mail...

Love Tiermonster Love Smite Winners

Post By Oponn on 2014-07-01

Hello all!  Our <3 tiermonster <3 Smite contest has come to a close and we got some great submissions! Head on over to the gallery to see the entries.  I will be sending out TM ward skins codes to the winners in the morning.  Thanks to everybody that participated and keep on Smite-ing!

Support American Red Cross

Post By Oponn on 2014-06-25

As you know we here at Tiermonster are big supporters of the American Red Cross and HiRez is helping out this great charity by running a charity stream this Friday from 1 to 7pm.  In support we will be giving out Tiermonster Ward Skins for the $5,000 and $7,500 donation goals.  So make...

Code Green NA This Saturday

Post By Oponn on 2014-06-19

Good evening everybody!  We’ll be hosting our Code:Green NA event this Saturday starting at 5:00 PM to 5:30PM EST for check-in, and the stream should go live around 6:00PM EST.  If this is your first time participating please make sure to read the RULES and the HOW-TO document before Saturday, so we make...

A note on guide approval

Post By Oponn on 2014-06-18

Hey all, just wanted to update you if you have submitted a guide to be posted on Tiermonster. We're working on a pretty large backlog of pending guides at the moment, and now normally it takes 24 hours for your guide to be approved, because of the sheer amount of guides we have received over...

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