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Code Green 18th April 2015

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2015-04-16

Hello everyone and yes it is that time again, Code: Green will be on this weekend, Saturday 18th April 2015, with check-in opening at 5pm Eastern and Casting beginning at 6pm Eastern.

Everything is in the same place it normally is, but if you're new I'll recap it.

To check-in, make sure you have a Tiermonster account otherwise you will not be able to see the check-in. Just go tohttp://tiermonster.com/ and you will be able to make one. Once you have that head to our check-in page which will allow you to check-in at 5pm Eastern. This will only be open for half an hour so make sure to get on it as soon as possible.

Once you've checked in head over to our Mumble (details are in here ) to make sure you are in the tournament. You are required to have voice communication with your team, and although mumble is not required you must present an alternative your team agrees with to play. If you're new make sure to check out the rest of the How To Play section just to make sure you know what to do, and if you haven't read them already, check the Info & Rules page to make sure you can play.

Casting will be on http://www.twitch.tv/tiermonsterand shall begin at roughly 6pm Eastern once games have begun. We may be giving away a few ward skins in chat so make sure to tune in for them!!

As always make sure to ask questions below and I will happily answer them for you, hope to see you Saturday!!

Tiermonster Team

Tiermonster welcomes Russia

Created by Lydia on 2015-04-02

All of us here at Tiermonster are proud to announce our brand new partnership with smitepro.ru! They will be the exclusive distributor for all Tiermonster content in Russia. Smitepro.ru is the largest and fastest-growing Russian community in Smite.

We'd like to welcome smitepro.ru and Russia to the Tiermonster family. 

Code Green rescheduled to 4th April 2015

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2015-03-30

Hey everyone. Unfortunately due to admins having to leave for emergencies, we had to reschedule Code: Green so it'll be this weekend on the 4th April. Information is as normal, so you can check the post below this for all of that, we'll also post this info to reddit soon.


See you Saturday!!

Code Green 28th March 2015

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2015-03-26

Hey everyone, just to let you know there will be a Code: Green 5 v 5 Solo Sign-up tournament run on the 28th!!. Standard check-in times apply: 5pm Eastern (9pm UTC, 10pm CET) is when Check-in will begin. Make sure you have a Tiermonster account and you're signed in otherwise you won't be able to see the Check-in page.

If you're new to the Code: Green scene, or have forgotten them, don't forget to check out the Rules & How To Play pages, of which also contains the  mumble server which you are required to use (apart from special cases.)

The games will also be casted on http://www.twitch.tv/tiermonster with casting by Libertyjorj and S0za. The casting should begin at roughly 6pm Eastern.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below, or on the post on Reddit. Hope to see you Saturday!!

Tiermonster Team

Welcome South America!

Created by Oponn on 2015-03-16

We are pleased to announce that with a partnership with Level Up we can now bring you statistics and information from the South American region of the Smite Community!  We have been collecting data for the past several weeks, and are currently working on backfilling player history to bring everybody up to date!

We would like the to thank the Level Up team for the hard work they put into helping us bring this information to the South American community, we look forward to working with them closely in the future to bring every more great Smite information to South America!

You can view the new region by hitting up http://br.smitelite.com or by going to http://smitelite.com and selecting the SA region from the top menu.  

With the launch of South America, we are currently seeking community managers for: France, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia and Turkey.  You must be able to speak English well enough to coordinate with the NA staff for Tiermonster.com and Smitelite.com.

If you are interested in a community manager position please contact us at contactus@tiermonster.com

Welcome South America!

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