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DI2 Donor Information

Created by Oponn on 2014-10-21

The amazing folks at HiRez (Stew, Drybear, Bart I’m looking at you guys) have upped the ante for people that donate towards the Divine Intervention charity tournament and raffle.  I wanted to update everybody that has donated so far, and is planning on donating as to when you can expect your rewards for participating.  We will be sending out confirmation emails to donors every 2 days, with the next set scheduled to go out on Thursday 10/23 morning/afternoon.  These emails will explain the process on how you can claim your rewards and verify your participation (or no participation) in the charity tournament.

Please note, and PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE DIVINE INTERVENTION INFORMATION PAGE carefully, there is some information that you need to provide in order to participate and receive your rewards, please pay special attention to the screen shot of the information you are required to submit.  There have been many donors that have no provided any information in this box, so we don’t know who to thank!

Thank you to everybody that has donated so far!  The Tiermonster Team..

Divine Intervention 2 Update

Created by Oponn on 2014-10-18

Good evening everybody! The first round of confirmations have been sent out to folks that donated this last week.  In that email there is a link you can click on to submit your details and claim your Tiermonster Ward Skin!

I’m so amazed at the response we have gotten so far for the event, we’re already at 29% of our stated goal with two weeks to go until tournament time!  Make sure you check the website often the next couple of weeks, we’ll be doing some special giveaways and maybe some other cool stuff!

As a side note, there are some people that donated that did not provide their e-mail, IGN or other information needed for us to confirm them for the event or send them their skin.  If you donated and you did not receive a confirmation e-mail (please check  your spam, it should be from Tiermonster) please drop us a line!

Have a great weekend everybody and keep on Smite-ing!

Divine Intervention II For the Kids

Created by Oponn on 2014-10-13

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since our last Divine Intervention much has gone on since then.  Drybear went to work for HiRez, Fas7twitch graduated college and LordWhizzKid punched out a Manchester United fan in a bar brawl (just kidding we are trying to make him seem more bada**).

But all that aside, it’s time for the Gods to give back! On November 1st and 2nd at 1PM EST (yes it’s two days this year whew!) 32 teams will battle it out each day for prizes and glory!  Head over to our Divine Intervention II information page to read up on all the details on how to enter the event, donate to the charity, and all the prizes available so far (couple yet to be determined but we will update you as the story unfolds).

The tournament will again be a ProAm style tournament with pro players, Youtuber’s, community personalities and Lydia heading up teams on Saturday and Sunday.  All proceeds for the event will be directly donated to Child’s Play to help them in their global effort for children facing hospitalization.

So head on over and donate! Divine Intervention II Info Page

Thank you all once again for being part of Tiermonster.com

Sylvanus God Unlock and Recolor Winners

Created by Oponn on 2014-10-13

Hello all! Happy Columbus day!  We are happy to announce our winners for last weeks “Sylvanus puts the A** back in Assist” contest!  The winners this week are: DoggyStylezZ, iGodofFight, Killateral, UndeadAnil, Mann4pacman! Between these good folks they racked up an astounding 9960 assists!  Winners have ben e-mailed with their unlock codes to the address registered to their account.

Thanks again! And make sure to check back at 4:00PM EST for a great announcement!

Keep on Smite-ing!

Mobile Updates Part Deux

Created by Oponn on 2014-10-09

So yesterday we added the common builds for gods to our mobile web app, today we’ve expanded on the gods selection and added their lore, abilities and stats for you to access on your mobile device.  Please when you get the opportunity head over to http://tiermonster.com/mobile and hit the GOD INFORMATION button from the main menu and test it out!  You can also easily navigate to builds from the information page and vice versa.

Any issues or improvements you would like to see please use the comment section below!

Keep on Smite-ing!

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