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We are trying something new

Created by Oponn on 2014-11-19

For the next few days for the new god Ao Kuang we’re switching things up a bit!  We’ve spent the last few weeks re-architecting the database to handle much higher data collection rates and switched our updating utility to update match data as soon as it is available from the HiRez API (Please note a lot of the items on the site are still cached 24 hours, as we switch our caching system over you will see these items start to update in a more real time basis).  One of the things we are doing is pulling match data from every match, not just the folks that are members of Tiermonster, so we wanted to run an experiment with our god pages to see how you all liked it.

Ao Kuang instead of common builds for the next few days will display winning builds.  These are full builds, all six items, all tier 3 items that win the most in their respective queues.  We are tracking every full build created in every queue along with their wlr, kda and other items to determine the best performing build on that god.  Since Ao Kuang is new we want to see how his item builds shake out over the next few days and get feedback from you guys to see if you like the new builds better.

Check out his god profile by clicking HERE.

Keep on smite-ing!

Divine Intervention Wrap Up

Created by Oponn on 2014-11-08

Yesterday we wrapped up donations for Divine Intervention 2 and our final number raised for Child’s Pay is $43,989US which is incredible!  We are very humbled by the support we have seen from the community for this event, the great feedback we have received and overall the success of the live event last weekend.

What this also means is that we can finally announce the winners of our Steelseries gear!  Anybody that donated was entered into the raffle, and winners were chosen randomly from the list of donors.  The winners of the Steelseries gear this year are:

  1. WontonNinja who will receive a Apex Raw Prism Headset
  2. Thebulliedbrit who will receive a World of Warcraft QcK gaming mouse pad
  3. DarthCupcakes who will receive a Navi Gaming Mouse
  4. TheLumpyTrogdor who will receive a World of Warcraft QcK gaming mouse pad
  5. AngelOfNoMercy who will receive a Apex Raw Prism Headset
  6. BootyNoodles who will receive a Sims 4 Gaming Headset

Winners will be contacted by e-mail this weekend and will have to supply their shipping information.

We would once again like to thank everybody that donated, participated or simply supported us for Divine Intervention!  The last set of confirmation emails will be going out to donors this weekend and we will be finishing up helping those folks who have not received their codes yet for donation.

Keep on Smite-ing!

The Tiermonster Team

5 v 5 Solo-signup Test tournament this weekend

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2014-11-05

Hi everyone,

Now unfortunately, I think Oponn is still sleeping from all of the excitement and effort from last weekend's Divine Intervention, so we will not be running the standard Code: Green this weekend. We will most likely not be running them throughout November, as weekend afterwards is the European LAN, followed by Thanksgiving the weekend after that, AND then it's North American LAN the week after that. We will keep you up to date on this.

However, this weekend we will be running a slightly different tournament. You can either sign-up on your own, or sign-up as a team. Team sign-up is simple, you put in all 5 of your team, and any subs you have, and that's it. Solo sign-up is slightly more complex. You can choose preference of roles and give me an email address. You can also choose whether you wish to be a captain. If you become a team captain, you will be given a list of all players who have signed up solo for the tournament and asked to choose 4 players on that list. You email me the list of players and find these players, make sure they can still play and basically you can reach out to practice with them.

The tournament check-in will be at 5pm EST on Saturday this weekend for 30 minutes. All captains MUST send me an email before Noon EST with their full complete roster on Saturday or I will discount their team. All captains must also come to our mumble server to talk to admins during Check-in & the rest of the tournament. Your full team does not have to use Mumble unless they wish to. It will be casted on Tiermonster TV by Libertyjorj & Shadowboy.

Please note this tournament is only a test. We will most likely not keep this running, and apologies for how rushed it is. Please however mention below if you'd like to see more tournaments like this from us, as we may look into this as an extra tournament during the bye weeks we normally have every month. This will also not affect your Tiermonster ELO whatsoever.

To check into the tournament please go here[2] . This is the check-in form for both Solo and 5-man signups. There is no official list of list of teams as of current but I will update brackets[3] when I get more teams. If you have any other questions, please ask here. Have fun,

Tiermonster Team

Donation Reward Update

Created by Oponn on 2014-11-02

Good morning everybody, as we head into our final day of Divine Intervention I wanted to update everybody on donation rewards, raffle and more.  If you donated Friday or after we will be sending those confirmations out on Monday, apologies for the delay but this weekend has been hectic getting the event organized and pointed in the right direction, tonight after a breather we can get back to work.

If you donated before Friday last week and have not receive a code then most likely you did not supply the appropriate information in the comment box (i.e. IGN and EMAIL).  I will also be catching up with people that have emailed about this issue starting tomorrow.  If this has happened and you have not contacted us yet, please use the contactus AT Tiermonster DOT com address and forward a copy of your paypal receipt along with your IGN.

For the Raffle, raffle winners will be announced on November 9th and contacted by e-mail, the last day for donations is November 8th.

Thank you once again for the amazing experience this has been and the funds we have raised for Child’s Play!

The Tiermonster Team

Divine Intervention 2 Updates

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2014-10-31

Good day everyone!!

I hope you're as hyped as we are for Divine Intervention this weekend, as we're taking over Smitegame for our Charity tournament from 1pm EST each day!! We'll also be giving away a load of codes, including gem codes, Divine Intervention II t-shirts and  God Packs, so make sure to come and say hi even if you're not playing. 

One thing I want to say on behalf of all at Tiermonster & those who will be helped through Child's Play. Thank you. Thank you so much. I don't think we were ever expecting to raise $39,000 for charity this year before we even got to the tournament, going nearly 8x our original goal, and nearly 5.5x the donations last year. You are all unbelieveably amazing for what you've donated and we cannot thank you enough. We hope you all enjoy these next few days even if you aren't picked as you have done so much for Child's Play. Also a huge shoutout to Hirez, especially Stew, for giving us the Lunar Tango Chang'e skins & the special Poolseidon skins. We are priviliged to have the support from you all, so thank you very much <3

Also - For those who donated, please check your Email as we've sent you emails if you are in the tournament, so please check that, it may be in the Spam folder so check that. We also have all of the Teams on our Participants List including which days people will be playing. Brackets will be live on the day. We'll be randomizing the order of the teams before the tournament in brackets, so if you find brackets they are not representative of what the tournament will actually be like until we start the tournament.

Don't worry if you still want to donate, Donations are open until the 8th November, but you will only get the Ward Skin, Lunar Tango and Poolseidon depending on what you donate, as every other prize will have been given out. If you have any other questions about donating after the tournament, or have any questions about being in the tournament, I will be hosting a Q&A session later on Reddit. If you cannot play in the tournament due to real life reasons and have been given a place, PLEASE tell us this immediately by sending an email to contactus@tiermonster.com. 

For now however, thanks again for being so awesome,
See you on the Battlefield,
Tiermonster Team

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