Code Event Information

The following rules apply to the Code events and can be changed at any time, please review the rules and guide lines so you are familiar with what will take place on event day. Any questions can be posed to a tournament administrator or by contacting us at


Code:Green is a "pick-up" style conquest 5v5 tournament that is designed for solo players to experience a tournament style event. Players can be a mix of both brand new and professional players and each team is balanced around having a mix of both experienced and new players. Code:Green is held back-to-back weekends with check-in starting at 5:00PM EST and ending at 5:30PM EST.Matchplay usually begins at 6:00PM EST and is a single elimination, bracket style tournament with the finals being a best of three. Prizes are rewarded to 1st thru 3rd place teams and are:

  • 1st Place - 800 Gems per player
  • 2nd Place - 400 Gems per player
  • 3rd Place - 200 Gems per player

Code:Green - Special Events

From time to time we will run our Code:Green Conquest tournament as a special event, at this time a cash prize will be offered for the first three places of the tournament and the Special Event Rules will apply (below), prizing will be:

  • 1st Place - $500 or $100 per player
  • 2nd Place - $375 or $75 per player
  • 3rd Place - $125 or $25 per player


Code:Black is a new event we are offering at Tiermonster and is played once a month on saturday at various times that are announced during the week before the event. Code:Black is a "Olympic" style of event where each time we will randomly pick the game type that will be played for the day from the various game types offered in Smite. These game types are: (Note we did not include Joust because there are many great options already for Joust 1v1 or 3v3)

  • Arena
  • Siege

Code:Black will also offer prizes for 1st through 3rd places and are:

  • 1st Place - 800 Gems per player
  • 2nd Place - 400 Gems per player
  • 3rd Place - 200 Gems per player

Voice Communications

Tiermonster provides free voice communications to all participants in it's Code events.We use Mumble as our software of choice and you can download the mumble client at The server settings for our voice comm's are: TIERMONSTER.MUMBLE.COM PORT: 9079 PASSWORD: smite. Voice comms are available 24x7 for your use. Voice communications are a requirement to play in our code events.


  • To be eligible for Code events you must be a member of and have a current ranking on our Arcadia or Paradise ranking ladder.
  • You must have the time to commit at least (1) hour of pre-tournament setup where teams and matches are created, and at least (4) hours of time for match play, semi-finals and finals. Members checking in for match play and the failing to appear will be disqualified from any future Code:Green event.
  • You must have at least 17 gods avaliable to play (10 gods 6 bans), this can include free rotation gods.
  • You must be able to connect to Mumble a free voice communication program provided by Tiermonster for the event.
  • You must be able to speak on mumble for team communications.


  • Code Events are "pick-up" style events which means that teams will be composed of individuals that have checked-in during the official check-in period.
  • Teams will be balanced based on an internal ranking system and their rating on either our Arcadia or Paradise ranking ladders.
  • Code events are unseeded, and teams will be matched in the first round of play against the closest team's cumlative score.
  • A total of up to 32 teams will be chosen on any given Code event day.

Code Specific Rules

  • New gods will be allowed/disallowed based on review of their performance after their release. If a new god is avaliable for play, teams will be told during match setup.
  • Team members must stay in their assigned mumble room during initial match setup, moving from room to room makes orginization harder and player(s) / team(s) not in their assigned room during match setup may be disqualified.
  • Matches can be re-made once if there are technical issues before 1st blood or 5 minutes has passed. Remakes are also at tournament admin discretion.
  • Issues during the picks and bans phase can trigger a match to be remade. If a match is remade, any god selections or bans from previous attempts must be made again.
  • A 3rd place match will be played with the two teams defeated in the semi-finals of the code events. If any member of the two teams leaves, the team with the most remaining members will be awarded 3rd place.
  • Racial slurs, hate speech, sexual slander will cause automatic disqualification for the player(s). A substitue will be found to replace the disqualified player, if no substitute is avaliable, the team will be disqualified.
  • If your match is complete, but is being streamed, do not release spoilers in the Livestream chat room, or you may be banned from further chat.
  • You may ask us to ban Lydia, and we might just do it.

Pausing Matches

  • Each teach can pause a match TWICE for up to five minutes each.
  • A tournament administrator must be informed if a match is to be paused, and also when matchplay is ready to resume.
  • Members of both teams need to be notified that the match will resume before unpausing.
  • Unpausing without notification will be treated as unfair play and the team unpausing will be disqualified.
  • Pausing is prohibited during team fights.
  • Disputes with paused matches will be handled by a review of the replay by a tournament administrator.
  • The tournament administrators decision is final.

Standard Rules

Special Event Rules


Prize Distribution

  • Gem prizing is graciously provided by HiRez Studios. A list of winners is provided to them the Sunday after the event has completed.
  • It may take up to (1) week to receive Gem prizes, normally players will receive them by the Wednesday following the event.
  • If you do not receive your prize, questions can be asked by sending us an email at
  • Prizes will be awarded directly to your account, and will NOT be in the form of gem codes.